The most frequently asked questions about TASC programs and services appear below. If you still require assistance, we are here to help. Please contact us.

    • Frequently asked questions about TASC’s diversion program can be found here.

  • FEES
    • What form of payment does TASC accept?

      TASC offices accept money orders, credit cards, and debit cards requiring a PIN transaction. TASC does not accept cash.

      May I pay for TASC services online or over the phone?

      At this time, TASC does not accept payments online or over the phone.

      How much will my test cost?

      Please contact your referring agent (probation officer, case manager, court, etc.) for your specific testing price. If you are testing on your own as a “walk-in”, pricing is available at the front desk at all TASC locations.

      What if I don’t have funds to pay for my testing or counseling?

      Please contact your referring agent (probation officer, case manager, court, etc.)

      Do I have to pay again if I am not able to provide a test sample?

      If you leave a sample the same day, you do not need to pay each time you attempt to leave a sample. If you are not able to leave a sample and come in the following day or another day, you are required to pay again for the test. Also, we do not provide a refund if you are unable to provide a sample.

    • I need help now. Who do I call?

      If you feel you are a threat to yourself or others, or are in need of emergency assistance, please call 9-1-1. If it is not an emergency and you are in need of TASC services, please contact TASC at 602-254-7328, ext. 240 during business hours.

      May I bring my kids with me?

      TASC does not provide childcare services and staff are not allowed to watch them. If you bring your children, please have another party supervise them while TASC services are provided.

      What form of identification (ID) is required?

      Your ID must include: your name, date of birth (DOB) and a clear, current photo.

      We accept the following IDs: all government issued IDs, released offender IDs, current school IDs, and a referring agency’s letterhead with your name, DOB and photo.

      TASC does not accept the following: medical marijuana ID cards, work IDs, check cashing cards, general membership cards, credit cards with photos. A photo copy of an acceptable ID is not a valid form of ID.

      How can another party obtain my drug results or TASC information?

      A release of information form must be completed for all parties before any information is released. These forms are available at any TASC location or please discuss with your referring agent (probation officer, case manager, court, etc.).

      Who do I contact to obtain a copy of my drug test records?

      If you are testing on your own as a “walk-in,” please contact a member of the TASC customer service team at (602) 257-7588.

      If you are testing for an agency or TASC program, you must contact your referring agent (probation officer, case manager, court, etc.) to obtain records and results.

      Where can I obtain a money order? How do I fill out a money order? Do you take expired money orders?

      A money order is available at most gas stations, grocery stores, or cash/check advance retailers.

      To complete a money order, please write on the “Pay to” line: TASC. Also, please fill out your address if you wish. On the bottom line, print your name on the left side of the line and sign your name on the right side on the line.

      TASC will not accept expired money orders.

      How do I know if I have a drug problem?

      • You drink or use more drugs than you intend to
      • You take risks, such as driving after a few drinks or after using a mind altering substance
      • You are having trouble paying your bills due to drinking or drug use
      • You fight frequently with loved ones over drinking or drug use
      • You are missing work, school or other obligations due to drinking or drug use
      • You have to drink or use more drugs to get “high”
      • You have to drink or use more to feel better
      • Your life starts to feel out of control because of drinking or drug use

      TASC can help. Contact us at 602-254-7328, ext. 240 and ask to speak with a counselor to open discussions and develop solutions.

      How do I convince a loved one they need help?

      Seeing a loved one struggle with drugs or alcohol is heartbreaking, confusing and frightening. When you try to talk with your loved one about their drinking or drug use, they may be unwilling or unable to see that there is a problem. It can leave you feeling helpless, hopeless, and lost. Family members and friends may not be able to help. Often times it is helpful to consult with a professional. At TASC, we have experienced counselors available to help. Call us at 602-254-7328, ext. 240.

      Who is the contact for family court?

      Please contact Jeff Gingerich at 602-254-7328, ext.151.

    • How do I obtain a copy of my results?

      Please contact your referring agent (probation officer, case manager, court, etc.) for test results.
      If you are testing on your own as a “walk-in,” please contact the office you visited.

      What are the testing hours?

      Testing hours vary depending on the location. Please refer to the locations page for this information.

      How long does it take to get my results?

      Screening: within 24 business hours after it is received in the lab.
      Confirmation: within 72 business hours after it is received in the lab.

      What is the earliest time I can call/email/visit the website or use the app to find out if I have to test?

      The call-in line and doitest.org is open every day from 3 a.m. to 9 p.m. MST.

      What is the IVR?

      IVR: 602-288-5686
      Diversion IVR: 480-470-TASC (8272)

      Can I test at any location?

      Yes. Please refer to the locations page for this information.

      How do I challenge/contest a positive result?

      Please contact your referring agent (probation officer, case manager, court, etc.) and request a test confirmation. You will receive specific guidance as applicable to your situation.

      If you want GC/MS confirmation (test method used to confirm positive drug specimens) on your own, you can visit a TASC location, request and complete the required form, and pay for the fees associated with your request.

      What if I miss a test?

      Please contact your referring agent (probation officer, case manager, court, etc.).

      Can TASC tell me what I am testing for?

      No. TASC staff is not authorized to share test information with anyone. Please discuss questions with your referring agent (probation officer, case manager, court, etc.).

      Am I going to be watched while I provide a sample?

      Yes. All tests performed at TASC are visually monitored meaning there will be a TASC staff member monitoring clients to ensure accuracy and that all procedures are followed. Unfortunately, some clients attempt to cheat, which is why visual monitoring is required.

    • What treatment/counseling services are offered at TASC?

      • Bio-psychosocial assessments
      • Substance Abuse Treatment: Individual, Group, and Family
      • Mental Health Counseling: Individual, Group, and Family
      • DUI Screenings
        • DUI Level I Treatment and Level II Education
        • DUI Revocation Packets
      • Domestic Violence Assessments
      • Domestic Violence Treatment: Individual and Group
      • Child Custody and Divorce Assessments

      The following issues are addressed:

      • Anger Management
      • Antisocial Behavior
      • Community Reintegration
      • Impulse Control
      • Life Skills Deficits
      • Stress Management
      • Substance Use and Relapse
      • Trauma

      TASC utilizes evidence-based practices including cognitive behavioral counseling and motivational interviewing. We specialize in juvenile and adult moral reconation therapy.

      Are bilingual services offered?

      Yes. TASC bilingual professionals provide accommodations for non-English speakers. Same gender bilingual staff is provided when appropriate. For any language including American Sign Language, hearing-impaired clients, and other challenges, TASC will ensure interpretation services are available.

      How do I enroll in counseling services or schedule an appointment at TASC?

      Please call the corporate office at 602-254-7328, ext. 240 to inquire about services.

      How quickly can I start treatment/counseling?

      The sooner you register for your assessment or DUI screening appointment, the sooner your counseling begins.

      What does TASC need from me/courts to enroll in DUI counseling?

      Please bring the following: paperwork from the court referring you for counseling, valid ID, money order or debit card.

      If this is a DUI screening from the Motor Vehicle Division (MVD), you will not need any paperwork.

      What is the youngest age that TASC provides counseling?

      12 years old.


TASC and its lab have several certificates of accreditation from top industry organizations, including: