Specimen collections

Treatment Assessment Screening Center (TASC) adheres to highest standards in specimen collection and testing requirements for criminal justice agencies, as well as the private sector. We specialize in visually observed specimen collection procedures, as required by criminal justice standards.

The benefits of having TASC perform specimen collections include:

Visually Observed

Even though clients know they are being visually observed, some still attempt to circumvent the collection process. For this reason, TASC performs gender-specific specimen collections using only highly trained collection staff.

Chain of Custody

Strict chain-of-custody procedures are enforced to ensure legally accountable collections are performed.

Urine, Hair and Oral Fluid

TASC specimen collections are performed by employees certified in each media type.


Each office is designed to optimize sample collections to achieve fast, accurate collection of specimens and to eliminate attempts to adulterate the sample.


All specimen collection staff receive extensive training in customer service, chain-of-custody protocol, specimen collection procedures and adulteration techniques.

Collection Sites

TASC has numerous locations for collections. All sites follow TASC detailed collection and chain-of-custody procedures and processes to ensure accuracy and reliability. Samples ship overnight, which allows TASC to guarantee quick testing and results delivery. Once samples arrive in the laboratory, results are typically reported within 24 to 48 hours.