TASC Services

Treatment Assessment Screening Center (TASC) is your one-stop-shop for the development and implementation of behavioral health programs, including drug addiction treatment and testing. We offer a broad range of behavioral health services and have decades of experience working with federal, state and local agencies. Our services include:

When utilizing in-house services, real-time reporting and communication allow for continuity of care throughout the TASC departments. TASC also assists in the coordination of care by collaborating with outside agencies through our web-based services.

At TASC, each component of behavioral health treatment has been designed to work in cooperation with our other services. This results in more comprehensive solutions and long-lasting positive change.

Customer Service

Customer service is critical to each member of TASC. We don’t want individuals to feel like a number, so we make sure our accounts are given the personalized attention they need. Our staff is focused on our clients and receives regular training to ensure the best service possible.

To better meet the needs of our accounts, we have dedicated staff and phone lines for specific services. This allows customers to get answers when they need them. We also personalize our reporting and invoicing to the needs of the different agencies we serve. With every service we provide, we adapt to your needs instead of making you conform to ours.