Case Management

Behavioral health case management is the supervision of a client’s progress through their assigned program. By designating a professional to handle the assessment of needs and implementation of care plans, we can ensure clients get enrolled in the right program and have access to the right resources, both within the program and in the client’s own community.

At Treatment Assessment Screening Center (TASC), we look at all aspects of the situation to make sure clients have the tools and resources necessary to help them complete their treatment programs. Our case managers offer support, develop a personal relationship and hold each individual accountable. We also help clients manage program fees so participation is possible.

The underlying tasks of case management include:

  • Screening for appropriate referral
  • Referral to appropriate services
  • Supervision
  • Tracking and documentation to prepare program compliance records
  • Reporting to the referral source

TASC case managers can also provide individual clinical and lab reports, historical summaries of attendance by donor, and cumulative caseload summaries. This detailed, data-intensive reporting allows the case managers to monitor their entire case workload, from start to completion of treatment. They can track donor compliance, scheduling and results, which makes it easier to track their cases on a daily basis.

Community Support

Substance abuse and mental health problems often lead to other life challenges. This is why our case managers not only coordinate treatment, but also help find community referrals for food, clothing, housing, employment, finances or other types of aid. TASC case managers go above and beyond, as they realize case management is more than just coordinating paperwork.

With dedicated case managers who understand the whole situation for every client, even those that do not pass the program generally have better outcomes than those who didn’t participate with TASC at all.