Clinical services

The primary purpose of the Treatment Assessment Screening Center (TASC) clinical services is to promote the overall well-being of individuals and create lasting, positive change. Our strength-based programs are designed to motivate, inspire and give hope, whether the issue is substance abuse, mental health, criminal justice or domestic violence.

Since 1984, TASC has helped hundreds of thousands of people get back their lives or create new ones of their choosing. We provide treatment services for:

  • Substance abuse
  • Mental health
  • DUIs
  • Domestic violence
  • Decision-making/problem-solving difficulties
  • Impulse control
  • Life skills deficits
  • Disruptive behaviors
  • Community reintegration
  • Antisocial behaviors

TASC clinical services are designed to reduce the risk of relapse and re-offense. We use the latest evidenced-based programs and practices to treat each individual and his or her needs specifically. Whether self-referred or sent to us from the criminal justice system, we believe all individuals can change for the better and deserve respect, dignity and an opportunity to receive the help they need.

Now accepting Blue Cross, Blue Shield (BCBS) insurance for clinical services.

Substance Abuse Services

TASC takes a cognitive-behavioral, cognitive-restructuring substance abuse treatment approach. Our philosophy is that treatment should be in the least restrictive environment necessary to promote change. All of our substance abuse programs are grounded in evidenced-based research and can be found on the SAMHSA National Registry of Evidenced-Based Practices.

By establishing a personal relationship with the individuals we treat, we can better hold them responsible for their behavior. Whether group, individual or family, we can provide the substance abuse treatment needed to achieve positive growth.

  • Standard Outpatient Group Counseling
    • Standard outpatient group substance abuse counseling includes a psychoeducational part and a process-focused part that help individuals understand the problem and prevent relapse.

  • Intensive Outpatient Counseling
    • Group, individual and/or family counseling offers in-depth treatment with outpatient flexibility. This service includes education on the physical, mental, emotional and social impact of substance abuse.

  • Relapse Prevention Therapy (RPT)
    • TASC’s Lapse/Relapse groups are used as an adjunct to treatment or as an intervention after the client has participated in treatment and has had a definitive period of non-use. TASC’s Lapse/Relapse groups utilize the Gorski-Cenaps RPT Model.

  • Family Counseling
    • Substance abuse family counseling is offered for an individual and at least one family member. The family/spouse is a component of and is important to the process of substance abuse and mental health treatment.

  • Individual Counseling
    • Individual substance abuse counseling focuses on reaching individual assessment and report goals. Treatment focuses on behavioral and psychological issues that affect the individual’s ability to cope effectively and remain free of substance abuse and/or delinquent behaviors.

  • Substance Abuse Prevention Group
    • Substance abuse prevention groups provide open-ended, outpatient educational services that encourage positive behavior. The prevention group education programs are designed to create an environment conducive to change for individuals who are identified as low-risk or first-time offenders and may not be suitable for our more intensive treatment programs.

  • Motivational Enhancement Training (MET)
    • TASC’s Motivational Enhancement Training is designed to help the client develop motivation for change through personal awareness (“self-confrontation”) of his/her substance abuse, behaviors and their consequences. This training provides education and support, addresses core issues common to unmotivated and ambivalent abusers, and reduces recidivism to substance abuse and criminal activity.

  • Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT)
    • Moral Reconation Therapy is a cognitive-behavioral treatment using a systematic strategy that seeks to decrease recidivism among juvenile and adult criminal and substance abuse offenders. MRT is provided as individual counseling with structured group exercises and homework assignments.

  • Interactive Journaling
    • Interactive Journaling utilizes components of Motivational Enhancement Training (MET) and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to guide program participants through the stages of change. It is a simple, yet profound treatment in intervention and substance abuse.

Mental Health Services

TASC’s cognitive-behavioral treatment approach helps individuals make lifestyle changes by learning new ways to deal with the circumstances impacting their mental functioning. Sessions focus on the attainment of the client’s individual treatment plan goals and teach effective ways of coping with mental health issues. Our available services include individual, family and couples counseling, and mental health assessments. TASC’s clinical services also include psychiatric evaluations and medication monitoring at our Phoenix location.

  • Mental Health Intake Assessment and Report
    • The assessment is a diagnostic interview addressing an individual’s mental health. The report includes identifying information, outpatient/inpatient mental health history, medical history, symptomatology and a treatment diagnosis and prognosis. Assessment services are designed for those who may be dealing with depression/anxiety symptoms or other mental health issues without substance-related issues.

  • Mental Health Counseling
    • TASC’s treatment philosophy for mental health counseling is centered on providing the opportunity for the client to make a lifestyle change. By learning new ways to deal with the circumstances impacting mental functioning, individuals can better cope with these issues. We put specific attention on each individual’s personal problems and their resolutions to affect positive change and pro-social behavior.

  • Individual Counseling
    • Individual counseling focuses on achieving individualized mental health treatment goals in a one-on-one setting.

  • Group Counseling
    • Group mental health counseling ranges from structured settings with strict objectives to flexible, process-focused group treatment – depending on the individual needs of our clients. AT TASC, all clients, even in group settings, are treated with dignity, respect and confidentiality.

  • Family Counseling
    • Family counseling includes family members in the treatment process and eliminates systemic contributors to substance abuse and other criminogenic behavior. Our goal is to replace dysfunctional behaviors with more positive interaction patterns. By improving familial communication patterns, roles, boundaries and expectations, we help improve an individual’s conflict management and empower families to solve their own problems.

DUI Treatment

At TASC, we provide a safe and confidential environment to complete court- or motor vehicle- mandated DUI treatment. Services are affordable, client-centered and utilize the latest evidenced-based curriculum. TASC DUI services are licensed by the Department of Motor Vehicles as well as the Bureau of Medical Facilities Licensing.

  • DUI Screening/Assessment
    • The screening is a preliminary interview and assessment of a client to determine whether education or treatment is required. The process includes administration, scoring and interpretation of the SASSI and MAST.

  • DUI Level I Treatment
    • The TASC treatment approach focuses on stress management, coping skills, triggers that lead to alcohol use, alternatives to using, responsibility for actions, self-esteem, peer pressure and the negative impact drinking has on relationships. With a minimum of 20 hours of treatment, Level I meets the rules and regulations set by the State of Arizona and Department of Motor Vehicles for DUI substance abuse treatment.

  • DUI Level II Education
    • Level II is a 16-hour education program that covers DUI laws and regulations, consequences, decision-making and general education regarding alcohol and other drugs. Random urinalysis testing is available for Level I and II per referral source request.

  • DUI Revocation Evaluation
    • For this evaluation, individuals sit with a licensed substance abuse counselor for approximately one hour to complete the revocation packet. It is typically for those who have already completed DUI Level I and Level II treatment at TASC or another licensed agency.

  • Juvenile DUI
    • TASC offers DUI assessments, Level I group counseling and Level II education for clients under 18.

Offender Domestic Violence Counseling

TASC is licensed to provide domestic violence services as well as anger management counseling. We accept referrals for court-ordered individuals as well as walk-ins.

Our domestic violence program is designed to help our clients learn to have non-violent relationships. We utilize a non-confrontational, strengths-based approach to treatment and motivational interviewing that offers a non-judgmental, confidential and safe environment. The end goal is for the individual to identify their own relationship issues and develop non-violent coping strategies.

Youth & Schools

TASC provides assessment, drug testing and prevention education, as well as group, family and individual counseling to youth at risk and those on probation. We also work with various schools in the Phoenix area to provide counseling services for students who test positive or have a drug-related incident at school.