Treatment Assessment Screening Center (TASC) Technology and Systems

Treatment Assessment Screening Center (TASC) data management is fully automated. All laboratory reports are available in real time via a secure, HIPAA-compliant web portal. Our advanced information system encompasses the entire testing process, from initial pre-collection requisitioning at the collection site to the reporting of results. With a dashboard-style web application, users can easily review referral submissions, caseloads, results, non-compliance reporting and testing schedules – all from one single interface.

Requisitions and results are electronically captured, not manually entered, which eliminates transcription errors. Throughout the duration of treatment, we deliver data-intensive reports summarizing performance, drug use patterns and program utilization. These reports can be customized upon request and allow our case managers to monitor progress on a daily basis. The result is more personalized care for the individual and more accurate updates for the agency or institution.

Since 1999, TASC has been delivering secure online data access to governmental agencies. The TASC web portals currently support more than 7,000 active users with ample room for expansion. The web applications utilized are designed and solely owned by TASC, giving our agency the flexibility to accommodate web portal customization and tailored data views.

Technical Support

TASC is a leader in providing real-time information to customer agencies. Our secure infrastructure and experienced professionals consistently meet the growing needs of our client base. With a commitment to ongoing IT refinement, we can improve efficiency and strengthen security as client needs change and newer technologies emerge.

We work closely with our accounts in order to create a referral, result and reporting system specific to the needs of each individual customer. With 24/7 tech support, our industry-leading data center and staff provide constant system availability and resources.