Driving Under the Influence (DUI)

The state of Arizona has zero tolerance for drinking or drugged driving. If you are arrested for DUI and are required to seek treatment and education, TASC can help.

Arizona has some of the toughest driving under the influence (DUI) laws in the country. If you are 21 years old or older and your blood alcohol content level is above .08, you are DUI. The thresholds are even lower for commercial drivers at .04 and if you’re under 21, it’s zero. Fines and penalties are stiff and vary depending on the offense. You will do jail time and you risk losing your license. In addition, Arizona now requires interlock ignition devices for all DUI offenders. Your vehicle will not start if the breathalyzer detects alcohol in your system.

The courts and Arizona’s Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) mandate DUI treatment and education. TASC DUI services are licensed by the MVD and the Arizona Department of Health Services Bureau of Medical Facilities Licensing.

TASC services are client-centered, confidential, and we utilize evidence-based curriculum.

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    • Assessment involves a preliminary interview and screening process to determine your needs and ensure you successfully fulfill the referring agency’s requirements. An individualized treatment plan is developed that includes required hours, DUI treatment and/or education, and urine analysis monitoring if required.

    • Level I treatment focuses on stress management, coping skills, triggers that lead to alcohol use, alternatives to using, responsibility for actions, self-esteem, peer pressure, and the negative impact drinking has on relationships. With a minimum of 20 hours of treatment, Level I meets the rules and regulations set by the state of Arizona and the MVD for DUI substance abuse treatment.

    • Level II education is a 16-hour group education program that reviews DUI laws and regulations, consequences, decision-making and general education regarding alcohol and other drugs. Community resources are also provided.

      Random urinalysis testing is available at TASC for Level I and Level II as requested by the referral source.

    • This evaluation is conducted for individuals who wish to reinstate their driving privileges. When you have completed DUI Level I treatment and DUI Level II education at TASC or another licensed agency, you will meet with a TASC licensed substance abuse counselor for approximately one hour to complete MVD’s revocation investigation packet. Once complete and submitted by TASC, your driving privileges will be considered for reinstatement by the MVD.

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