Marrya L Briggs is currently the Program Coordinator for the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office / TASC* Adult Deferred Prosecution Program (TASC Diversion) in Phoenix, Arizona. The Program Coordinator is responsible for day to day operations and quality control for the TASC Diversion program. Marrya acts as the liaison between TASC and the EDC and SEF courts, Maricopa County Attorney’s Office, Public Defenders Office, and Legal Defenders Office.

Marrya is the TASC spokesperson for the Partnership for a Drug-Free America. Upon special request in February 2011 Marrya presented TASC Diversion program information to the Working Group of the City of New Orleans in New Orleans, Louisiana. She has also conducted presentations annually at the National TASC Conference since 2007.

Marrya has been with TASC since 2005. Marrya has been a National TASC** Board member since May 2011. She is currently the conference chair. She has a background in the Behavioral Health field and obtained her BA – Comprehensive Criminal Justice degree from Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Marrya also worked with juvenile substance abuse offenders for four years in Tampa, Florida prior to relocating to Arizona.

For the full list of the National TASC Board of Directors; Click HERE.

*  = TASC:  Treatment Assessment Screening Center,  Headquartered in Phoenix, AZ.
** = NTASC:  National Treatment Accountability for Safer Communities, located in Washington D.C.